Tracking My Book Life Goals

Goal # 9: Set up Marginal Scrawl’s Official Webpage

Today is January 1, 2020. The first day of a new year and a new decade. As you’ll see in my December post Book-Life Goals, I made 10 goals in total.

Number 9 my list is the one that is the most daunting because I am shifting everything from my trial Google site to a bona fide website. Thanks to my wonderful husband, Ash, and his talented friend A.H. I am set-up, live, and hosted. While the site isn’t perfect or beautiful, yet, I am getting the content loaded. Not too shabby for Day 1 (partially due to the fact that I am still on holidays).

Today is January 3, 2020. So far, I have imported all the content. Now, I am learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Which means, I am improving my formatting, adding links for easy cross-referencing, and putting all my images back in. After three hours, it’s time to move on to other daily tasks, namely, Little Women and folding laundry.

Today is January 11, 2020. Almost done! I only have a few older posts to update this week and Goal 9 is complete!