Book Buying Dilemma

How do you Buy Books for a Bookworm?

How do you buy books for a bookworm? You would think that this is an easy question to answer, wouldn’t you? My husband let it slip that he doesn’t buy me books often because he has lost track of what books I own already. No problem. I love owning different versions of my favourite books and I read them all. For example, he bought me a box set of Anne of Green Gables, a beautiful watercolour version. I love these books. They are pretty and whimsical and smell like new paper. The set I already had, was the one I bought when I was nine. They have creased spines and smell like my childhood bedroom. I have a precious set of hardcovers that were printed in the early 1900’s. Last but not least, I have a penguin copy that I found at Value Village for a dollar. Extra copies aren’t a bad thing.

What I love, even if the book is a repeat for me, is that you picked it for me. It shows that you thought about me. You drove to a store or shopped online with me in mind. Buying a book that I already have shows that you knew me well enough to know I’d like it. That is sweet. It isn’t any trouble for me to exchange it for a different book or the next in the series. That book will make me think of you every time I pick it up, as long as you aren’t offended by the exchange.

You could buy me your favourite book. Reading a book that means something to you will bring us closer together. We can talk about it and share the experience. Receiving a book that I wouldn’t read normally is the perfect way to get me to read outside my comfort zone. This will help me become a more well-read person. Are you afraid that I won’t like it? I might not. But, that can make for some interesting conversation. Ask any book clubber and I am sure they’ll agree.

Still not sure what book to buy? You can pick a bookmark, book themed bags, reading blankets, or lithograph merchandise. The possibilities are extensive. Anything in the way of marginalia paraphernalia also works for me like highlighters, sticky flags, and pencils. Again, there are a lot of options.

The truth of the matter is, no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong. A bookworm will always love and appreciate the gift of a book or an accessory that you picked just from them.