Ready, Set, Read

Reading Goals

On New Years’ Day, I designed the cover for the new section of my reading journal. I decided to count how many books I managed to read and listen to. First, the number surprised me and it got me thinking. How many books could I have read if I watched less Netflix? How many books could I read if I set myself a goal? A goal would make my reading a priority. So, I took last year’s total and added ten. 60. Sixty books in one year. I plugged the number into Goodreads just to make it official.

Reading Habits

The goal was set. The only thing left to do was begin. Now, I must say that, without guilt, I count audiobooks. This is how my reading habit breaks down:

  • an audiobook in the car
  • a book for silent reading in class, first thing in the morning
  • a second book to read aloud to the class
  • and one to read outside of work

A habit I have instilled in my two girls is “always have a book in your purse” and it is helping me meet that sixty book goal. And, you never know when you’ll have to wait. On average, people spend five years of their lives waiting in lines. That is a lot of reading time, my friend! Not to mention, your ride could be late, you could be sitting in the car while someone else runs in quickly to get something, you could be waiting for a show to start, you could be bored at a party or event or a world-class tennis match; well, that book in your purse has got you covered! Those are no longer wasted minutes. That time spent reading. My measure of a pleasant evening is one that makes you forget about the book in your bag.

Goals are meant to give you something to work towards and help you focus on something that matters to you. It is important not to let yourself feel bad or lacking if don’t attain that goal. You are reading. You are doing something.


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